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Is there NO Intelligent Life on Earth?

Yes, it is here.

But, it cannot be found in congress.  Most of Washington D.C. is packed with bureaucrats and lobbyists with less than half a brain and the inability to access any of it.  They are only good at acting sincere, lying and breaking promises.  But none of them are working with each other and they are denying the American people of the United States any leadership.  And the U.S. is supposed to be leading the world.

But there is intelligence here.  It is in the humor of the American people that somehow are happy putting up with a presidential race involving only two major parties.

It's in my eleven year-old son's eyes as he tells me about NASA Jet Propulsion Labratory's new plasma engine development.

It's found in the compassion and resolve of the human race on a worldwide scale after every catosrophic natural disaster as we pull together and pull for each other.

But you wouldn't know it, if you were an alien.  We kill, rob, rape and scam each other at every turn.  I'll never understand why.  I keep telling myself it's greed, but no, it has to be a complete lack of common sense.

And yet these catastrophic events of nature are happening more often now that we are warming the planet and changing the climate.  And though we see these signs of change abd devostation clearly, we choose to ignore them?

Humanity has survived because of our intelligence, our deep feelings of caring for each other as families and through our ability to adapt.  But never has the signs been so clear, that we need to change how we live, work and play, and we ignore them.

No, this is not a prophetic page of doom, it is a call to humanity for humanity to be humane.  We often treat animals better than we do each other.  Though we often see a need and fulfill it, the need is here for change and we do not acknowledge it.

Will the human race survive the next 20-50 years or so?  Or will the rich continue oppressing the poor?  Will the poor be continuously fooled and betrayed by the rich?

Or will we finally start acting as one, with a cause to slow, stop and eventually reverse global climate change?

Will technology rise from the sea, completely seduce the world's peoples, make monsters of the rich who want to live forever and destroy us all in the war of the have and have nots?

Grow some balls and use your common sense, humanity.  Stop playing "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil", before it's too late!  Evil is here and descending upon us now.  And that evil is our complacency in a time that we need to change everything.

C'MON, MAN! Congress pays $330,000.00 to relocate an employee?  To hell in a handbasket we go...

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